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Great question. If you want tonknow the answer, then you must seek him out earnestly. Jesus is the best answer to your question, because Jesus is God in the flesh. For us believers, we can all put our trust in God and make the right decisions. God does not condemn those that move. He condemns those that become stagnant and waits for…. What, that is the question. This article is wonderful. Your works are the key.

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Give her something to bless you for. Thank you. That was really helpful. I was having trouble sleeping, I was awake from to 5 the other night and I got such a clear directives on what to do with my business. But it totally freaked me out. When I launched my company a year ago, I took some risks that I had to really work hard to fix.

So any risk taking now scares me. God is a real filthy scumbag for Not giving me a wife and family that i really wanted. Feminism is too blame as well. I suggest you deeply look at your resentment and demand for a wife; yes a wife is a good thing, but at the cost of God it is worthless.

He will fulfill your every need and give you deeper joy if you let him — and then maybe he will give you that wife you always wanted. Having a wife is like having a gift of life since many of us single good men would rather be married with a family, instead of being single and growing very old all alone which is very unhealthy and depressing as it is. Life sucks as it is, and being alone is worse altogether. It is very funny how God blessed so many other men to be married with a family.

Why not too? And being single has so many disadvantages as well. Just too much to list. That is why the other married men out there have so very much to be very thankful for. I finally realized something.


I have been disappointed and bitter about His silence for half of a lifetime now, because I want Him to serve ME and my goals, and my wants, and my loves, and my careers. The just shall live by faith. So often we look for signs instead of simply having faith and taking the next step.

This is a place that I have come to over and over. The right thing to do is to take that step, trusting that God will respond to our faith. Howbeit, if it is a desire that is not wrong, than where did that desire come from? Is every desire bad? Can God use our desires to string us along a course of rejections and seeming failures to get us to the destination, that He has in mind. It is His will, clearly, according to Scripture, that we believe on Him. In John 15, Jesus repeats that we should ask for what we want, so long as we abide in Him, and He abides in us.

The purpose is that our joy would be full. He promises that the process of abiding in Him will result in recieving what we desire. As a born-again believer, baptized in Jesus Name, according to Acts , I have prayed for what I want and have often been disappointed. I think that this has developed me as a believer. I have a faith that has been battle tested and I still believe that greater and better things are ahead. Whatever the road of life brings, I know that it will be an answer to my prayers.

The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He will direct thy paths.

I do not believe that a true sold-out child of God wanders aimlessly. If we will truly seek His direction and prayer, we can be confident that He will lead us. Our attitude is so important to God. The Father seeks worshippers to worship Him in spirit and in Truth honesty. The sacrifices of God are a broken heart, a broken and a contrite heart He will not refuse. Dissolution, brokeness, failure, etc. Through it all God can His people back to life.


This is what real discipleship is and costs. The hardest part is waiting and the temptation to settle is, sadly, so often chosen. I am learning hard about this lesson of getting directions from Him.

I find it difficult to trust Him after failures of listening from Him. Well…here goes it.


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I enjoy working with them and find myself creating new lesson plans and ideas on my days off. Keep trusting God and seeking Him in prayer. Seek the counsel of wise and godly people in your life, but listen to them against the backdrop of Scripture. The advice in this article looked sound, so you could apply it too. This should help with the stress and worry as well.

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Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus. I will be praying for you! May the God of peace and wisdom be with you! As a young person I find myself getting lost very often and this really helped me find the path once again. Thank you so much for this article, I feel so lucky to have wonderful resources available to help me grow.

I even took notes so that I can remind myself of these things everywhere I go!

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This brought light back into my day :. I was a horrible person that has suffered the loss of most of my loved ones through death and ostracization. The reason for this separation with those loved ones left alive is because I had to leave my home state to find work. While gone I got addicted to hard drugs and wasted about 5 years. I am the prodigal son. After being born again I got baptized. But illness and other issues kept me from going to church. I found another church and got through some initial struggles like those that kept me from the first church and have found some consistency in my attendance to both church and bible study.

I am tempted to bare my testimony. After years of acting like a reprobate I had a revelation, God healed my right arm and forgave my sins, I felt His touch and heard His voice. I feel I am not ready to give this testimony because there is a risk people will hate me for it. But I am burning up for not sharing the grace that God has shown me. I swear I would go to the stake for the Lord but am afraid to risk my reputation and acceptance within the flock which I desired for so long. At the end of the dream I had a chance to save my fellow but could not help him out of a culvert before the beasts overtook him.

I was running away when I awoke. I always thought I would become successful before I gave this testimony. But I am still barely getting by, hardly an example. My greatest gift is the fact that I have read through the bible a couple times. I have cleaned up my life of drugs and fornication but still smoke cigarettes.

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I might have to wait a little longer to give this testimony. I just want to edify my brethren in the Lord. I am willing to throw everything away for God but is my shame His glory? Brother, fear is a liar…Give your testimony!