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As a journalist, he founded an agency for cultural and political communication. Servitium; Collection: Quaderni di ricerca, 19 x 12 cm, 92 pages. This very short but very dense essay helps the reader to the discover of joy. The author analyses literary and linguistic expressions inside the European culture.

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Etymologies, poems, philosophical and mystical texts, meditations and topical presentations are examinated. The theme of joy is strictly linked to meditations about pain; that is probably the most difficult question for human beings, but also the richest in answers. He also translated and edited poetry works, among the others: Vita di Maria on Rainer Maria Rilke , Un guscio di nocciola. I fiori e le erbe di Shakespeare and Le rose. This book is the tale of a meeting with Celan's poetry. At the same time it is an essay about the interpretation of that poetry.

Servitium; Collection: Quaderni di ricerca, 19 x 12 cm; pages. Those days were terrible.


Most of them were empty and full of tears. My wife Paola was death in a icy winter night after a long illness. She was only a little bit older than thirty. I listened and I started to write notes as if it were a long story: her story and her death. In Celan's poems. Touched by mourning, the author tells how Celan's poems became his shelter. Such poems were not only a reflection on time and separation, but also a precise story about a similare experience.

Celan's voice helped Gobbi to understand and live, and led him to a new season of his life. Celan says the truth and truth is the opposite of consolation. Truth is the night, the dark, the separation and the waiting, the suspending, the remaining hope; truth is the time in which nothing is going to end but just to complete.

His most successful book is Lessico della gioia. Marcello is a guy who, waiting for enrolling himself at the university, decides to accept a job at Mc Donald's. While working there he learn the habits and rules that run a fast food chain. During his experience Marcello becomes more self-conscious and aware of his abilities and aspirations. He understands the nature of his relationships with his bizarre parents, his friends and especially his obscure relation with Cate, a former schoolmate, a resolute and charming girl with whom he is falling in love.

It is a story with a strong design and important aspects: love, friendship, the pursuit of happiness, betrayal, abandonment, defeat and the difficulty of accepting itself. Between the lines of the novel, a whole world can be found. The author meticulously shows the behind the scenes of McDonald's, its habits, rules, backstage and perfectly depicts the characters of the chain workers.

In the background there is the real main character: McDonald's. The author is able to force readers to reflect why this brand, while it is at the same time hated and loved, is well known in the common imagery. Francesca Mazzucato is a writer, translator and journalist. She lives partly in Bologna, in Liguria and in France. Storia di un'ossessione ; Relazioni scandalosamente pure ; Amore a Marsiglia ; Web cam Diario di una blogger She also wrote shorts stories.

She writes for many leading Italian newspapers and magazines.

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Petrarca, the voyager. Guide to a travel in the Holy land Latin text in front. Raffaella Cavalieri was born in Rome in She is a researcher in foreign languages and literature at the University of Siena. With Robin she also published Il viaggio dantesco. Aphorisms and thoughts Edited by Gioconda Marinelli. Dacia Maraini was born in Fiesole Firenze and lives in Rome. She wrote several novels and won many prizes — among others Campiello, Strega, Fregene. Her books have been translated in more than 20 countries.

The editor: Vanni De Simone, writer, translator, director, published several novels. Memories, testimonies, encounters. Eminent figures of the 20th century as described by a critical accomplice - Antonio Debenedetti, a professor of Italian Literature at the University of Rome and former columnist of Il Corriere della sera. Forthcoming: September Edited by Sandro Bajini Viennepierre -pp. When Roberto Rebora died, in , his friends became aware that he had not only been a poet, but also an excellent prose writer. Roberto Rebora published several collections of poems; his first work was published by Guanda in Viennepierre, pp.

Edited by Sister Onorina Dino. Antonia Pozzi , born on the 13th of February , committed suicide at the age of twenty-six years, dying in Milan the third of December She would never see her works published, with the exception of a critical essay.

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After the first important publication of her poems, edited by Vittorio Sereni and Eugenio Montale for Mondadori, we had to wait until , for the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of her death, to see her complete works published in the original version. An essay about Leopardi Piero Manni, pp. This essays studies the position of the great Italian poet Giacomo Leopardi in the European Romanticism and his singularity with respect to the great Romantics: a philosopher who invented poetic modernity in Italy.

Guido Guglielmi, teacher at he Bologna University, has studied the formal problems of literature and critics.

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